Two Year Old Class

 with the ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum. 

In the 2 Year Curriculum, the child will:

• be introduced to and know several Bible stories, Memory Verses, Nursery Rhymes, Fingerplays, and Songs which they can recall when prompted
• know his/her first, middle, and last name along with his/her dad's, mom's, and sibling(s) names
• know the name of his/her home town and state
• say each letter of the alphabet in order
• be introduced to pointing and counting numbers 1-10
• be introduced to various colors and shapes
• be introduced to many books
• increase in fine and gross motor skills
• understand basic manners and self-care points.

This is also the potty training room. Ms. Racheal will give out the information needed to help your child make potty training easy.