Reviews: This is what one parent had to say about our daycare

First off let me say this, When Mrs. Theresa called me about my inquiry I had such a good feeling about her. She was extremely pleasant over the phone and very informative. I visited the daycare yesterday and I have absolutely nothing negative to say. Everything was organized and I also got to meet my daughter's teacher. My daughter walked into this daycare like she has been there before, interacted with both Ms Theresa and her teacher like she had known them forever. By the end of the visit she was blowing them kisses. I can't wait for her to start. I can tell it's going to be a terrific school year. Another thing that was a plus for me is that this is a CHRISTIAN daycare. I want these values to be instilled in my child even when she is away from me. You won't regret your decision in selecting this daycare.

Another happy parent says:

I am SO thankful to have found this daycare. I had such trouble with a previous daycare...5 ear infections in 6 months, pneumonia, RSV. Not to mention how rude one of the employees were and the fact that the owner had lied to me. My kiddo is in her 4th week here and all she’s had is a stuffy/runny nose. (I know they are supposed to get sick but not THAT much!) That alone was worth the switch. 

Let me also mention that when I made the switch, my baby was 10 months old...perfect timing of stranger anxiety and now separation anxiety. They have done and continue to do everything in their power to provide a loving and trusting (and clean!) environment for my baby. They haven’t shown a single ounce of frustration with the anxieties that my baby is currently having. Now when we arrive in the morning she smiles at Ms JaNay and when we leave she smiles at Ms Theresa because she trusts them (and now has moved onto separation anxiety and doesn’t want to leave them while at daycare). 

It has been such a blessing to find a place that is on top of things and provides such a warm environment. Thank you all