Our Staff

Theresa & Donnie Patterson

Theresa Patterson has spent the last 20 years of her life dedicated to the care of children. She has completed her bachelors in early education and has had two years of special education training and study. She has graduated top of her class and is proud to share her experience  with parents, family and the community.

Donnie Patterson is the founder of Living Well International Church, as well as the operational manager. Both she and her husband are dedicated to helping families in the community with quality daycare, ministry, music and worship.

Theresa also has her directors credentials, and CDA.

Picture below: Donnie and Theresa

Ms. Racheal

Ms Rachael  and Mrs. Annette head up our preschool classrooms. They are continuing their education in childcare and obtaining the tools to become even better teachers. They both have worked in child care for several years and are more than qualified to care and nurture your most prized possessions. Mrs. Racheal will soon have her CDA .

Ms. Dori  is our infant lead teacher. She has been trained by Ms. Racheal and the Director.

picture below:


                                       Ms. Rhema

Mrs. Racheal



                                                  Mrs. Annette


Ms. Marinel, is the lead teacher in the one year old room. And is doing a great job.

Ms. Rhema is our floater and Artist.

 Ms. Dori is our office manager on Fridays and our infant room #1 Teacher.

Mrs. Kim is our 2 year old lead teacher. She works with potty training and helping our 2 year old's with the ABCJeusloves me curriculum.

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Mrs. Marinel below                Mrs.  Kim Below

Ms. Dori