The "BEE Hive" Toddler Room


“Train up child in the way he/she should go,

and when they are old, they will
not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

The teacher in this classroom will use various types of Educational programs designed to support, encourage, and stimulate the growth and development of young children of all ages. She will encourage curiosity by asking open-ended questions, and with hands-on activities.
All children need to feel safe and secure. The one-year-old child’s environment should
not only be welcoming but nurturing and safe by providing limits that are
understood by the age level and avenues in which the child may express his/her feelings.
Children learn by example and repetition. Children learn at his/her own pace.
Children’s differences are to be respected and embraced. It is The BEE HIVES teachers  objective to
help each child develop a positive attitude, and toward
everything associated with learning.

Toddler Schedule